Why SilkPeel?

Introducing SilkPeel

A New Standard For Treating The Most Common Skin Conditions

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion has been one of the top 5 non-surgery procedures performed for the last several years.  At the same time, patients are turning to their dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for medical grade skin care in increasing numbers.

Now there is the SilkPeel MD, the first device to combine the highest quality, diamond assisted microdermabrasion with a simultaneous delivery of potent topical serums deep into the surface of the skin and down to the base of the pores.

SilkPeel Is THE ONLY True Dermalinfusion Technology

The SilkPeel diamond treatment head handpiece removes the top-most portion of the epidermis called the stratum corneum.

SilkPeel Pro-Infusion solutions are simultaneously infused into the viable epidermis under pneumatic pressure.  This is Dermalinfusion.  No other device uses true Dermalinfusion technology.  It’s an exclusive SilkPeel patent!

No other in-office procedure offers the Lumixyl Pro-Infusion. Only Lumixyl contains the powerful new peptide developed by Stanford University Researchers, Decapeptide-12.  It’s the first real alternative to hydroquinone for treating melasma, PIH, and hyperpigmentation.
Other proprietary Pro-Infusions are designed for the effective treatment of common skin issues, and the promotion of overall skin health.
  • Clarifying –  Effectively treat acne prone skin, clears pores and kills p-acnes bacteria
  • Vitamin-C – This antioxidant rich serum rejuvenates photo-damaged skin and addresses fine-line wrinkles
  • Hydrating – leaves skin feeling hydrated while improving overall smoothness and texture

The best skin of your life is just a SilkPeel away. Click here to find a SilkPeel doctor or medi-spa near you.

SIlkPeel is the non-invasive procedure of choice for some of the most renowned dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons across the country and around the world.  The following video features some of these physicians and their patients discussing and demonstrating the breakthrough that is called SilkPeel.


One Response to Why SilkPeel?

  1. Aisha says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. My cousin introduced me to the silk peel. She has acneic skin and hyperpigmentation that she got rid of by her esthetician using the silk peel on her. Now she’s obsessed with products to keep her skin silky smooth. I have been wanting this to use on my clients and this video has re-sparked my motivation for getting one. Now I just hope I can afford it!

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