SilkPeel Body: Truncal Acne (AKA Back Acne)

How do you get rid of that acne that crops up on you shoulders, chest and back?  It is especially tough to deal with on the back where you can’t easily reach it, but no matter where it is, it poses problems that are different from acne on the face.

Acne products for the face often have ingredients that can bleach and cleavageacnedamage fabrics, making them less ideal for use on the body.  The skin on the chest and back is decidedly different from the skin on your face as well – so getting proper penetration of the actives requires a different approach.

Now there is the SilkPeel Body system with featuring the Clarifying Proinfusion solution.  SilkPeel takes an entirely new approach to treating acne by combining mechanical exfoliation, using pneumatic pressure to clear out the debris that are clogging the pores, while at the same time, delivering   antimicrobial actives deep into the skin where they can do their work to clear p. acnes bacteria.

Your SilkPeel trained professional will apply a set of SilkPeel Body treatments and solutions that are tailored for you specifically.  Often, that will include a set of four to six treatments spaced about 7 to 10 days apart.  They will use the Clarifying ProInfusion solution to treat the skin oiliness, excess sebum and to kill the p. acnes.

Silk-Peel body

You may experience some redness after the procedure, that will typically fade in less than 30 minutes, but the procedure itself is not painful and you can return to your normal scheduled activities right after the procedure.

To find a SilkPeel MD professional in your area – click here – and make sure you let them know in advance that you are interested in SilkPeel for treating the areas of your body that have stretch marks and/or cellulite.

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