Lumixyl Study Published by the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — A clinical study evaluating both the safety and efficacy of the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System was recently published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy.

The study included 15 healthy female volunteers of Asian and Caucasian descent, all with moderate to severe photodamage. After 24 weeks, 100 percent of patients said that their hyperpigmentation was nearly cleared or completely cleared.  Additionally, physicians who examined the women found that 85 percent of the study volunteers achieved mild or completely cleared hyperpigmentation at the end of the study, with standardized photos confirming the results.

The research also notes that the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System not only has a superior safety profile to prescription skin lighteners that contain hydroquinone but can safely be used on all skin types. The products were well tolerated by all study volunteers and there were no measurable side effects reported. Lumixyl is non-irritating, non-sensitizing and earlier clinical work has shown that it doesn’t cause allergies or irritation.

According to dermatologist Dr. David J. Goldberg (, one of the lead authors on the study: “Lumixyl is a novel, effective and well-tolerated topical skin lightening product that serves as a great alternative for those not wanting the irritant effect of most currently available skin lightening products.”

“It is particularly valuable for treating chronic or persistent hyperpigmentation conditions, where longer term use of prescription products are a concern. This study suggests that a decapeptide-12 based regimen can achieve excellent results, without the risk of side effects commonly associated with hydroquinone,” said Dr. Goldberg.

The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System caters to men and women who want a powerful, but gentle skin brightener.  “We are very pleased to have developed a new approach to promoting healthy, even skin tone. Achieving significant visible results as we see here, and high patient satisfaction make the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System an excellent first line choice for doctors and their patients,” states Felipe Jimenez, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Envy Medical, Inc.

The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System is sold through the physician dispensed channel, and was first introduced commercially in 2010. It has since experienced steady growth in popularity as a front-line therapy for diminishing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, promoting healthy skin function and promoting an even skin-tone in over 30 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

ABOUT ENVY MEDICAL — Envy Medical develops, markets and sells highly effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies for patients suffering from either dermatologic or aesthetic conditions.  The Company’s lead products include SilkPeel®, a breakthrough device combining exfoliation with dermalinfusion® for deeper tissue delivery of active ingredients and better patient outcomes.  Envy is also the exclusive licensor of skin brightening peptides including Lumixyl, developed at Stanford University. The Lumixyl peptide is now also available as a topical solution for SilkPeel procedures, addressing hyperpigmentation and photo-damage. More information can be found at

For more information on Lumixyl or to locate a dispensing physician near you, please contact: or visit the Company’s physician locator by clicking here.


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