The Skincare Favorite from Beverly Hills

E!CelebritySilkPeelWhether getting their skin in tip-top condition for the red carpet, a charity event or their own wedding, celebrities look for real visible results and a luxury experience.  That is to say, they want to see the difference in their face, arms, and everywhere that they choose to bare for the cameras (and sometimes that can be quite a lot).  But they don’t want painful procedures, and increasingly they are not willing to put up with recovery time – time is the one ‘luxury’ that is in short supply.

Perhaps that is why the most elite Spas and dermatology offices have found SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion to be so popular with their most important clients.  Lifestyle Expert Karen Firsel visited the famous Waldorf Astoria Spa, where she reported that “we all envy red-carpet skin, you see celebrities walk down the red carpet and they look georgeous.”  She was there to ask about the SilkPeel treatments there, which she called ‘the facial to the stars”.

Waldorf Spa’s lead Esthetician, Nicole Gilich confided, “the SilkPeel is the best 30 minute treatment you can do without over-drying the skin.  your not going to be left flakey, because it’s not like getting a chemical peel, there is no down time.”  Nicole continued, “You can actually get it the day of your event, put your makeup on right after and everything will look flawless.”

Karen noted, “I hear that this treatment is a big, big celebrity treatment”, and asked Nicole to tell us why.  Her answer? “Because its so quick, and there is no downtime and you are not left flakey dry and red, and within a couple of days, your skin just looks even better.”

Like many of us, even celebrities have trouble with the changes in temperature during the changing seasons.  Worse, they are often sitting under hot set lighting for hours and their skin can pay the price.

To that Nicole says “It’s all about balancing, with the SilkPeel it opens up that top layer of skin and it opens up where you have cell renewal. So you are getting that topical treatment directly in… helping to make your skin look younger, more hydrated or brighter.”

At the Four Season Hotel, Los Angeles in Beverly Hills, they feature SilkPeel as part of their signature Diamond Youth Facial.   Extra! TV visited the legendary location, where they interviewed Four Season’s esthetician May Baumgartner about the treatment. She said it was a favorite because it turns back time by using SilkPeel’s diamond tip to plump and smooth all over.  “it gives your skin an immediate lift afterwards” according to May, who has provided this treatment to her very exclusive clientele.

The secret to SilkPeel is explained in more detail by a statement released from the Four Season’s press release, which states; “The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion machine uses a patented diamond-tip vacuum technology designed to lift and exfoliate dry, dull outer layers of skin while simultaneously infusing a customized serum directly into the epidermis to plump fine lines, minimize dark spots and clarify pore congestion.  The end result is luminous skin. Potent actives are combined with calming and nourishing botanicals developed for exclusive use with the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion system.  This accelerated approach to brightening is effective without the risk of irritation.”

SilkPeel treated skin is volumized by 70% for up to 72 hours, and the nutrients that are delivered to the skin then continue to help skin improve for days or weeks thereafter. With results like that in a safe 30 minute treatment, it is little wonder that celebrities and other who are looking for real help in bringing the best out of their skin, are making SilkPeel one of the most popular skincare treatments available.


SilkPeel Is a popular skin rejuvenation procedures performed in elite dermatology offices and Medical Spas that improves skin tone and texture with one, or a series of 30 minute treatment sessions.





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