Kym Douglas Shares Skin Brightening Secrets

Kym Douglas Shares Skin Brightening Secrets on Hallmark‘s Popular Home & Family Daytime Program

Hollywood’s Beauty and Lifestyle Expert Kym Douglas joined Home & Family Hosts Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steins on the set of the popular daytime program to share her latest discovery for brighter healthier skin.

Beauty  Lifestyle Expert Kym Douglas

Beauty Lifestyle Expert Kym Douglas

Kym noted that Brightening is the trending topic in beauty for spring 2014. People are no longer looking for an artificially tanned look (that often turn your skin orange – something hilariously illustrated in this segment!). No, this spring people want to get rid of the sun damage, the discoloration and they want to brighten their natural facial complexion to a healthy glow with one even healthy tone.

In sharing her latest discovery, Kym noted “This is a wonderful new brand I found called Lumixyl. It is a four-part system, and I love this kind of thing because it gives you everything in one.”

She walked Cristina and Mark through the four simple steps to a brighter complexion including 1) ActivePrep – an anti-oxidant rich non-soap cleanser that is designed ensure there are none of the skin irritants that can contribute to hyperpigmentation; 2) Brightening Creme – cream with a Stanford developed peptide that fades the appearance dark spots and freckles safely and effectively; 3) GlycoPeel – a rapid exfoliating lotion that you put on after the brightening cream and leave on to stimulate faster cellular turnover in skin, getting to the healthier new skin underneath; and finally, 4) Moisturelock SPF 30 – a rich feeling, moisturizing sunscreen which has no chemical sunscreen agents so it wont irritate skin prone to hyperpigmentation as well.

Kym also shared other tips – such as ensuring that you remove all of your makeup at the end of each day so it does not irritate your skin and clog your pores – contributing to skin damage and premature aging.

The other trick Kym shared was to take her cleanser and add an equal part baking soda for a natural exfoliator to use to get some extra exfoliation out of your morning or evening routine.

Lumixyl is available through dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as medi-spa locations nationwide.   For more information on where you can purchase Lumixyl go to and select the physician locator – where you can in put your city/town and state for a listing nearby.

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