ClarityMD “Best Acne Solution” By Harper’s Bazaar

A lot has happened since the new ClarityMD Acne Solution was launched at the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting earlier this year.  The simple two step system, consisting of Deep Pore Cleanser and Clarifying Gel, was introduced on the strength of a clinical study which showed over 90% clearance of inflammatory acne in subjects after just 14 days of use.

ClarityMD was quickly picked up for distribution in Malaysia and Singapore, due to its high satisfaction among young adults, particularly women, who found it not only eliminated acne outbreaks, but actually improved the texture and tone of their skin as well.

A skin beautifying acne product?  Who ever heard of such a thing?  Apparently no one until now.  The editors of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore apparently agree.  In their November 2013 special beauty awards edition hitting the stands now, it was revealed that ClarityMD Acne Solution was awarded their “Best in Beauty” award, in the category of “Best Adult Acne Solution”


As mentioned – this product was only launched a few months ago, but it has been getting praise by reviewers, users and editors all over.  Celebrity beauty consultant Mickey Williams is among those that are happy to see this new technology for the face.  She joined Fox news to talk about her favorite skincare tips.

“There are lots of different things out there to choose from,” she said, “I love that ClarityMD is a two step process, so you can still use your sunscreen while it works on both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne, and it works really, really fast.”

She noted that this combination of speed and working on acne before it becomes inflamed is important because, “you can get rid of the acne BEFORE you create the scarring”.

Beauty and lifestyle expert Sarah Eggenberger has also added her voice of approval.  “This is an incredible product line that shows a difference immediately,” Sarah told Val Warner onWindyCity Live in Chicago, “I swear by it”.

Part of the reason it has the attention of beauty experts is that ClarityMD also helps reduce the appearance of large pores, soften the skin, and fade the marks or dark spots that acne often leaves behind.

ClarityMD is available in doctors’ offices and professional skincare centers nationwide, and can be found online as well.  This month, the maker also announced that the ClarityMD technology is now also available as a “ProInfusion” solution for the popular SilkPeel in-office treatment.

For more severe acne, the ClarityMD SilkPeel can be used for 4 to 6 treatments over 6 to 12 weeks, followed by using the ClarityMD Acne Solution for accelerated results.  For mild to moderate acne, the two step system has proven a fast and effective acne solution on its own.


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