Clear Skin – Something Everyone Agrees On

Motherhood, apple pie, and clear skin – who can argue with any of them.  Well, you may

SilkPeel Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads

or may not like pie, but I have yet to find the person who is not for clear skin!  When it comes to getting that flawless “no-makeup” look, it starts with the products you use.  The daytime TV program Good Day Northwest did a feature yesterday, with guest and beauty expert Mickey Williams, discussing just how to get naturally clear beautiful skin, rather than using blemish creams to cover those pesky pimples (thus causing more pesky pimples!).

Here is a clip from the show (article continued below):

Mickey recommended SilkPeel Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads.  Not just because they are one of the few acne pads you can find with the blemish busting power of Salicylic Acid, that are also alcohol free.  She also noted that she loves them because they have witch hazel (a powerful antioxidant), menthol and aloe infused through the formula.  So they work without drying your skin – in fact, they add soothing moisture while reversing the oily build-up that is likely causing you some pimple problems.

“These treatment pads are really great because they are weaved,” said Mickey.  “So that little weave right there is so amazing because it exfoliates your skin, but it doesn’t do it with any harshness.”

This combination of technologies – delivering strong results without irritation or side effects – is what SilkPeel is all about.  These acne pads were originally conceived for use in combination with the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatment, a gentle exfoliating procedure performed in doctors’ offices that also delivers key ingredients to the base of the skin for effective treatment of skin conditions – in this case, acne.  Over the last several months, since their introduction, people of all ages including adult women, have embraced Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads, because they are so gentle on skin and yet so very effective.

“I know I am really getting to the core of the issue with these pads, because even when I use my make-up remover before cleansing my face with the SilkPeel pads, I can see that the acne pad removes additional makeup and oils from my face,” said Savannah, a SilkPeel Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pad user, 20 years of age. “And then I can see the difference in my skin.”

Savannah added, “I have finally found a product that I actually want to use every day, that works.”

The SilkPeel Clarifying Pads retail for $25.00 and are available at all dermatology, cosmetic surgery and medi-spas where SilkPeel services are featured.  You can also purchase them online at professional skincare retails such as, or

For more information on a location offering SilkPeel products near you, click HERE.

SilkPeel Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads

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  1. S. Toys says:

    Wow Very nice post..
    Really treatment pads are actually weaved..Now I have finally found a product that I actually want to use every day, that works.Thanks for sharing his valuable information with us..

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