The Acne Pad Solution You Have Been Looking For

The concept of a cleansing pad for treating acne is not particularly new.  There are many of them around – check the shelf of any grocery store, drug store or pharmacy and you will likely find a few to choose from.  They will look different, varying in shape and size.  However, there is a common thread running through the vast majority of these products.  That common thread is alcohol, in all its skin damaging glory.  Open up the jar and the odor will probably assault your nose before the product can assault your skin.  In order to claim they are “alcohol free”, some use Methyl Propanol – an alcohol derivative that may actually smell worse than the alcohol itself.  However, the manufacturers don’t tend to worry about that for a mass market product (made cheap in large quantities for the undiscerning masses).  They simply splash a little fragrance in there to cover the smell.  Does it work?  Not really…  What you get tends to be more irritation to already irritated skin, with the added bonus of the unpleasant wafting of a not-so-aromatic brew.

Can’t anyone make an effective acne treatment that soothes the skin while attacking the acne?  Well, yes, as it turns out.  It is not as simple as it sounds, but after years of research and development, someone has managed to do just that.

Envy Medical, Inc., the makers of the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion and SilkPeel PoreClarifying System, have recently introduced “Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads” under the SilkPeel brand.

SilkPeel Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads

These Skin Clarifying Pads start with a unique woven pad technology that gently exfoliates during the application, assisting the penetration of the 2% salicylic acid formulation.  But unlike most products on the market, Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads contain no alcohol.  Nor will you find any artificial dyes, fragrances, parabens or other harsh chemicals and preservatives.  What you will find is a very high quality of pure aloe vera, which soothes acne irritated skin, even while the salicylic goes to work, sinking down into the base of the pores to remove sebum build-up, and to diminish the p.acnes bacteria population.  It is also antioxidant rich, which reduces the oxidative stress on acne prone skin, allowing it to heal faster and clear better.

Why hasn’t this been done before?  The answer to that is simply a matter of focus.  The Envy Medical team wanted a daily acne treatment to complement the SilkPeel results.  To do so, they had to be very careful not to dry out or irritate skin that has already been well exfoliated during the SilkPeel procedure.  So with that focus in mind, they worked through a series of possibilities to take out the acne causing factors, on freshly peeled skin (i.e. exceptionally sensitive skin), that was also highly acne prone skin.

The result is an excellent daily acne treatment pad that is getting great results for people on its own, as well as being a great complement to the SilkPeel procedures as it was intended to be.

“It’s so affordable and does not dry out my skin,” said Charlene, a recent user of the Skin Clarifying Pads, “so I can use them twice a day – morning and night – without worrying about redness and flaking.  In fact I was surprised to find that my skin looks better right after using them than it did before.”

This kind of feedback is what Envy is counting on for results.  “If we give you something you will use consistently, we can greatly increase the likelihood that you will see significant positive results” explained Felipe Jimenez, Ph.D., Envy’s Chief Scientific Officer, of the newly released SilkPeel acne treatment, which retails for around $25.00 for a jar of 60 individual applicator pads.

The new SilkPeel Skin Clarifying Acne Treatment Pads are sold by SilkPeel medical professionals in dermatology, cosmetic surgery and other skin care oriented medical practices and medical spas throughout the United States.

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ABOUT ENVY MEDICAL — Envy Medical develops, markets and sells highly effective, non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies for patients suffering from either dermatologic or aesthetic conditions.  The Company’s lead products include SilkPeel®, a breakthrough device combining exfoliation with Dermalinfusion™ for deeper tissue delivery of active ingredients and better patient outcomes.  Envy is also the exclusive licensor of skin brightening peptides including Lumixyl, developed at Stanford University.  The Lumixyl peptide is now also available as a topical solution for SilkPeel procedures, addressing hyperpigmentation and photo-damage.  More information can be found at

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  2. Lambert Hicks says:

    SilkPeel Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure for your body. It provides simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation and the delivery of skin specific infusion solutions under strain to treat a variety of skin types and conditions, including acne scarring.

  3. S. Toys says:

    Nice post..
    It provides simultaneous exfoliation, evacuation and the delivery of skin specific infusion solutions under strain to treat a variety of skin types and conditions, including acne scarring..Thanks for sharing this post..

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