International Recording Artist Junko Yagami: “Lumixyl Is My Choice Skincare”

I use the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System because it really works for my skin and it is so gentle and mild at the same time.  Traveling and touring can be exhausting, but it is even harder on my skin.  Yet taking care to have skin that looks healthy and bright is very important when you are constantly under the stage lights.  Recently I ran out of my Lumixyl while touring.  A colleague on tour gave me a very expensive skincare product to use instead.  Even though it was quite expensive for a small bottle, it did not help and actually caused my skin to break out with blemishes!  I went back to Lumixyl as soon as I could and within weeks, my skin once more looks and acts so young and healthy.  I recommend Lumixyl to all of my friends.

Junko Yagami,

Ms. Yagami is a popular international recording artist and a cultural icon in Japan. Some of her best known works include Mizuiro No Ame and Omoide ha Utsukushisugite. Junko is releasing her first album in 10 years. Her long aticipated return recording, Vreath, will go on sale January 23rd and Junko will be peforming throughout Japan on her 2012 tour.

About Lumixyl: The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System was first launched in the United States in 2010, and has quickly become one of the fastest growing skincare systems in the world, focused on fading skin spots, and delivering brighter, more even skin tone within weeks.  It is already a leading skincare system, sold in 30 countries around the world, and is particularly popular in Japan where thousands of women and men have already made it their primary skincare product. Known in Japan as “Rumikishiru” (ルミキシル), the Lumixyl system is an excellent fit for a wide range of Japanese consumers, due to its mild nature (it never irritates like other skin lighteners or medical bleaching agents do), and its ability to brighten skin and diminish any age spots, freckles or other skin-tone imperfections.

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Medley of Junko Yagami’s Masterpeices

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One Response to International Recording Artist Junko Yagami: “Lumixyl Is My Choice Skincare”

  1. ルミキシルはスタンフォード大学で開発された、天然由来のアミノ酸から成る刺激・毒性のない新しいタイプのブライトニングクリームです。

    ですから、ピリピリ感や副作用もなく、敏感肌やアレルギー体質の方でも安心してお使い頂けます。 ニオイもほとんどありません。


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