Removing dark under-eye circles: $65… Seeing crows feet disappear: Priceless!

Something big happened just a few weeks ago in anti-aging and aesthetics.  The first topical treatment for skin around the eyes that provides a comprehensive solution to dark under-eye circles was quietly introduced to the world through select dermatologists in major cities around the world.  The product is LUMIXYL REVITALEYES, touted as the first topical eye treatment that uses Decapeptide-12 to diminish the darkening in skin under the eye.  Haven’t heard about Decapeptide-12?  It is the powerhouse behind the Lumixyl brand, first used by leading dermatologists as part of the SilkPeel Dermalinfusion treatments to treat hyperpigmentation on the face and chest.  Results were amazing:

BEFORE Improved Chest Texture and Hyperpigmentation AFTER

To the left is an example of the improvements that are seen using SilkPeel on the chest.  Note that the skin tone is not only more even, but the texture is smoother, softer and more youthful.  Below is an example of what is being accomplished on the face.  This patient has been troubled with spots that were caused by acne, but lingered on her skin long after the acne was gone.

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treated over 8 weeks with Lumixyl

The Stanford University developed, and clinically proven power of Decapeptide-12 is an especially welcome advancement in treating hyperpigmentation because it is completely safe to use on all skin types.  It is not irritating, so it does not cause redness or scaling (called contact dermatitis by your doctor), the way traditional treatments using Hydroquinone commonly do.

These attributes and treatment successes have led to the development of the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System, a complete skin care regimen that features Decapeptide-12.  Once again, the results that doctors and their patients have experienced are startlingly impressive.

BEFORE - Six weeks on Lumixyl Topical Brightening System - AFTER

And, it is not just from the improved skin tone and rapidly fading sun-spots, freckling and photo-damage.  The skin tone, texture, laxity and appearance of fine-line wrinkles have improved dramatically as well.  So the question became obvious.  If Decapeptide-12 is so effective in improving the condition of skin on the face and chest, and yet so gentle, what could it accomplish in the delicate tissue around the eyes?

Before Lumixyl Revitaleyes - Notice the pigmented spots around the perimeter of the eye, and the crow's feet wrinkling at the corner of the eye.

The answer is here with the introduction of LUMIXYL REVITALEYES.  And yet, that is just part of the Revitaleyes story.  The product also incorporates ingredients to address other eye tissue problems.  It has hyaluronic acid to improve moisture content, anti-inflammatories to bring down swelling and puffiness (getting rid of those bags under your eyes), and a trio of ingredients that are clinically shown to be effective in addressing the bluish darkening under the eyes caused by mineral deposits that build up around the capillaries near the eye.  The result is a truly comprehensive eye treatment positioned to be the first and only complete topical eye therapy.  In theory, this is a real breakthrough in eye aesthetics, so what are the early results showing?  Once again, the results, even in just two weeks of use, are coming

After Two Weeks on REVITALEYES - skin tone is much more event, the pigmented spots are gone or significantly diminished, the crow's feet area is greatly improved.

back very impressive, and not just because the skin tone is brighter and more even, with the pigmented spots surprisingly well cleared.  As you can see in these before/after pictures, of a patient who used  REVATALEYES morning and evening for two weeks, the fine-line wrinkles are significantly less visible, and the tissue around the eye has the appearance of being tighter and healthier in addition to being brighter.  The hue under the eye which shows a slight bluishness in the baseline picture is noticeably, better and that bluishness is largely gone.  This is big news for tens of thousands of patients that have been looking for an answer to their dark under-eye circle problems.  It is likely that Lumixyl Revitaleyes will become a trusted favorite by these patients who are looking for daily eye tissue help.  It is also being used by physicians in trials, to see how much it will improve the overall outcome of surgical eye treatments, such as blepharoplasty (the most common eye lift surgery).

For now the only way to get this comprehensive formula is with the Lumixyl Revitaleyes, and yet it has been introduced at a very reasonable $65.00 suggested pricing from the physicians who dispense it.  It can be purchased on its own, or as part of the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System of products.

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