SilkPeel® Featured on “The Doctors” Television Program

Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald joined Dr. Travis Stork and Jillian Michaels on The Doctors television program to show how even just one SilkPeel Dermalinfusion®  procedure can take years off of your face, and help you to look refreshed and rested – even when your schedule has kept you from actually being well rested.

Dr. Fitzgerald said, “We all know nothing makes us look older faster than exhaustion.  So what, if anything, can we do to sort of instantly take off a few years and make her skin look dewy and glowy for an event tonight?”  She then answered saying, “What we are going to use is a SilkPeel [Dermalinfusion]”.

Dr. Stork commented, “That actually looks like it would feel refreshing”.  To which Dr. Fitzgerald replied, “It does feel very refreshing”.

Dr. Fitzgerald continued on with her treatment while the show continued.  Later in the program, Jillian checked back with Dr. Fitzgerald, saying “So, Dr. Fitzgerald, what did you do to Brook?”

“All we did was use microdermabrasion to take the dead dry skin off, and we used the SilkPeel because it has a vacuum and an infusion with liquid…and then that sort of gets the skin ready to accept all the nutrients and hydration that you do with the O2 Facial, and you can see what a change it has made for her.”

The difference in her patient’s look was impressive to the hosts of the show and the studio audience.

Results like these, using the SilkPeel alone or in combination with other procedures and skincare products, has made SilkPeel one of the most sought-after procedures from leading physicians and medispas across the United States and in many countries around the world.  The liquids Dr. Fitzgerald refers to, also called Pro Infusion solutions, are formulated to provide significant visible results for a variety of skin conditions, including the treatment of dry dull skin, hyperpigmentation (patchy or uneven skin tone), acne, acne scaring, photo-damage, rough texture, and fine-line wrinkles.

With over 1,000 physicians and their staff providing SilkPeel treatments in their offices and spas, you could be getting your facial rejuvenation today.  For more information on where you can get SilkPeel near you, just click here.

About The Doctors TV. “America’s Medical Dream Team, delivering Answers Daily”.  With hosts Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. James Sears, Dr. Lisa Masterson, Dr. Drew Ordon, fitness expert Jillian Michaels, and Dr. Wendy Walsh, “The Doctors” is a popular television show focused on health and wellness, for more information about the program, go to or to find the channel and time of airing in your region go to

About SILKPEEL.  SilkPeel is manufactured and marketed by Envy Medical, Inc.  Envy is also the exclusive licensor of skin brightening peptides including Lumixyl, developed at Stanford University. The Lumixyl peptide is now also available in a topical solution for SilkPeel procedures, addressing hyperpigmentation and photo-damage. More information can be found at or by calling (888) 848-3633.

For media inquiries or to secure expert testimonial please contact Melissa Kelz, Principal, Melissa Kelz PR at (312) 543-8300

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