Lumixyl Topical Brightening System: The Reviews Are In!

Wondering if you should try the new Lumixyl Topical Brightening System?  Perhaps you have seen the studies; you probably know it was developed by Stanford University researchers and dermatologists, and it is quickly spreading across the globe; but what are the people who actually use it, saying about it?

Tens of thousands of people around the world have already used this topical skin brightening product – so what do they think of it?  It used to be that you had to find that friend of a friend who had tried something to get the story on how the product really works.  Today however, many of those friends of friends have a blog!  So finding out the straight scoop on Lumixyl is just a click away.

Below we have gathered comments made by everyday people from across the blogosphere.  To the best of our knowledge, these are all independent product users who were not paid for their reviews and have no association with the product makers. The link to the actual blog is included below each quote, so you can read their full comments as you like.


Whitney Says:
“My experience with the Lumixyl system has been amazing! If you follow my blog, you know that I post regularly about skin care. 

I tried [Lumixyl] straight for 8 weeks and did not use ANY other product (besides a hydrating night cream from another brand). I wanted to really see if what they claim is true… and let me tell you, I have never received so many compliments on my skin! I admit, this did sting a little bit when I first started using it; but it no longer does.

If you have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, consult your doctor/dermatologist. One thing I stress is, you must use it as directed. DO NOT put this product on and expect a miracle overnight. After the first week, you will actually start to see a difference!

Also, it worked amazing during my monthly breakouts… I know that sounds strange because this is a BRIGHTENING system, not an acne system. But it totally helped my breakouts AND my acne/pimple scarring. If you want a skin-lightening/brightening system then LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

I swear to you, this is absolutely worth every penny and I have been telling EVERYONE about Lumixyl. I am not being paid to write this review… I never have seen results like this, I swear!!”” – Whitney



“After eight full weeks of testing Lumixyl, I am happy to report that the dark aberrations along my hairline are almost completely gone and my general skin tone seems much more even.” – Copley


“Tests in house on one of our interns suffering from [hyperpigmentation] has proved a virtual life saver and this is a product we can endorse most vociferously.” – The Hollywood Today Magazine Staff


“Even before the 8 weeks were here — I noticed great improvements in my skin.  The sun/age spots are so diminished that they are difficult to spot!!  My skin is even — feels soft — yet firm and has some nice elasticity to it.  The pores look so tiny compared to their usual size.  My skin is definitely more radiant — now I can see that it was actually dull before.  I thought it looked fine — but now that I see the improvement — it was not fine.  This Lumixyl Topical Brightening System worked wonders for me — it really delivered — and other people have noticed.  I have had some very nice complements!!”  – Cakedoo1


“Until I became pregnant with my first child, I had always considered my skin to be my best feature. Then I began to notice subtle changes during the pregnancy and then subsequently had two more back to back pregnancies. After the third pregnancy, I noticed that my skin was dull, splotchy and the effects of sun damage were more evident.”

“Despite using several excellent products from other lines I have never been able to feel confident that my skin looked as good as it did before my three pregnancies………until I tried the Lumixyl™ Brightening System.”

“…do I think the Lumixyl™ Brightening System is worth the money? Any time a product costs a significant amount of money I ask myself if it is truly worth the investment. When I consider the cost of visiting a dermatologist and having multiple cosmetic procedures in my pursuit of healthier appearing skin then I consider the Lumixyl™ Brightening System a luxurious kit that really provides results as promised and is in actuality a real bargain. For me it is not only the appearance of my skin but after my skin cancer scare, I truly want my skin to be as healthy as possible. I will continue to use the Lumixyl™ Brightening System for the recommended 8-12 weeks and I am very excited to see the final results.”       – Stacie


“I could feel it working the moment I put on the GlycoPeel! I started the system a few days before I was in a wedding and I felt like my skin was glowing the entire day!” – Cindy, American Health & Beauty staff member


“I really found the system easy to use and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. I have noticed major improvement in the appearance and feel of my skin only half way through the entire system with no negative side effect. Also, it has kept my skin clear- I haven’t had any breakouts during the use of this system. In my opinion, Lumixyl definitely delivers!” – Britt


“I was pleased with the results. My melasma is deep and hard to treat and this did lighten my sun spots slightly. My skin didn’t peel and was never irritated during the entire time I used the product. My sun spots are not gone entirely, but they are slightly lighter than they were. With continued use, I imagine they would continue to lighten.” – Kelly


I saw the results within my first application….. I could see the improvement in my overall skin tone.  My skin was more even, and the stubborn hyperpigmentation spots were less noticeable.  I love this product! – Anita


“It lives up to it’s promises, my skin is certainly brighter and more luminous and considering how stressful things have been lately, that’s no small feat. While no one who doesn’t know me for me many years has ever guessed my actual age, having this in my skin arsenal makes my upcoming birthday number a lot less scary!” – Unnamed blogger


“My skin seriously hasn’t looked this clear and smooth since my middle school days. I’ve been using this skin brightening system called Lumixyl.”

“… since using Lumixyl for the past 6 weeks or so, I am surprised to note that my 5 o’clock shadow and dark man ‘stache wasn’t entirely from an abundance of facial hair casting a shadow.  It was actually because of the dark areas I had beneath the hair! Everything is just much more clear and smooth and even and, um, bright! I don’t look like a newborn baby or anything, but close.  So, very close!” – Amanda


“After using all of these products for about two weeks,I am noticing some benefits. My skin appears brighter overall and there are a couple spots in particular that are definitely getting lighter. My pores feel tighter and my face looks clearer in general. I have not experienced any irritation at all.”  – Jennifer


The comments expressed above are commonly heard from our doctors and their patients.  Lumixyl works!   Try it for yourself and fall in love with your skin all over again!

More information on the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System and the exciting new Lumixyl SilkPeel procedure can be found HERE at the ENVY Medical website.  To find a Lumixyl physician near you, click HERE.

Click on the following YouTube video to see Lumixyl featured in the News!

About Lumixyl.  Lumixyl is manufactured and marketed by Envy Medical, Inc. Envy Medical develops, markets and sells highly effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies for patients suffering from either dermatologic or aesthetic conditions.  The Company’s lead products include SilkPeel®, a breakthrough device combining exfoliation with Dermalinfusion™ for deeper tissue delivery of active ingredients and better patient outcomes.  Envy is also the exclusive licensor of skin brightening peptides including Lumixyl, developed at Stanford University. The Lumixyl peptide is now also available in a topical solution for SilkPeel procedures, addressing hyperpigmentation and photo-damage. More information can be found at or by calling (888) 848-3633.

For media inquiries or to secure expert testimonial please contact Melissa Kelz, Principal, Melissa Kelz PR at (312) 543-8300

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  2. tsakzo says:

    Can a black person use lumyxyl brightening cream or its meant for a fair skin
    People only

    • Hello! Thank you for your inquiry! Lumixyl is safe and effective to use for people of all skin-types. Please understand, Lumixyl is not a bleaching cream, nor meant to artificially lighten skin tone. It is designed to restore your natural even skin tone and help your skin look and act younger and healthier! I hope this helps!

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