How To Really Get Rid of Acne – And Get off the Drugs!

Here is the conundrum – there are dozens of acne creams, lotions, gels, washes and ointments.  A thousand different ways to do essentially the same thing – and they are all mildly effective.  Their ingredients are generally some well-worn combination of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and the like.  These ingredients do show the clinical ability to kill the bacteria that causes acne (Propionibacterium acnes, or “P. acnes”) breakouts.  The problem is that when you have active acne, your skin is irritated and your pores – by the very definition of acne – are blocked (or at least significantly compromised).   So these active ingredients don’t get down into the base of the pore where the P. acnes bacteria reside.

This is the dilemma  – you have clogged pores due to acne, but you can’t get to the acne, because you have clogged pores!    What to do?   For the last several years, the only answer your doctor really has had at his or her disposal has been systemic drugs like Accutane.   Accutane comes in pill form and is taken orally each day.  As it builds up in your system it attacks the P acnes from the blood supply (taking a back door to the pores so to speak).   However, it is indiscriminate in its attack and goes everywhere in your system as well.  To even get a prescription, you legally have to submit to monthly blood tests to check for possible liver damage, and women generally have to submit to regular pregnancy tests (as Accutane is linked to birth defects).   So it appears to be a race to hopefully reduce your acne

Acne drug sales have mushroomed in recent years – as have safety concerns.

before you damage your liver.  Accutane is also the subject of a class action lawsuit linked to a variety of health issues from suicidal tendencies to bowel inflammation.

If you are thinking “there has to be a better way!”, you have company.  Researchers at Envy Medical have thought the same thing.  And now there truly is a comprehensive and completely safe approach to really address acne.

Introducing the new SilkPeel® Pore Clarifying Therapy.

This is an entirely new approach to acne – addressing it comprehensively.  You see, the contributing factors to acne are 1) the production of excessive sebum in skin; 2) the proliferation of P. acnes bacteria that feeds on the sebum, 3) the inflammation and irritation that is caused by the acne and the white cells sent to the sight of that inflammation to attack the problem; and 4) the resulting clogging of the pores that don’t allow normal skin oils and sebum to exit, OR medicine to enter.

The SilkPeel® Pore Clarifying Therapy addresses all of these factors in a way no cream or ointment could on its own.  Here is how it works;

The Pore Clarifying System is a specially designed medical device (a machine for your skin) that your dermatologist or skincare professional will use to treat your skin. It uses a patented technology called “Dermalinfusion™” which is only truly found with SilkPeel. This is a process of using an abrasive tip to remove the top micro-layers of the skin and at the same time, infuse a active ingredients deep into the skin tissue where it can really work.

Pore Clarifying Hand-piece

However this device has a new hand-piece that is different from traditional SilkPeel technology, and especially designed to treat acne.  It uses a medical

Brush Tip

grade disposable nylon brush tip that is very effective at breaking up the comedonal plug that is blocking your pore – the bristles get right into that plug and break it up. As it does, there is a closed loop vacuum that pulls those comedones up and out of your skin, along with the excess sebum, oils and other impurities that are aggravating your acne condition.  And the final piece of the puzzle is solved as the pneumatic pressure of that closed loop system infuses a salicylic solution right down to the base of the pores where it can really go to work eliminating the P acnes where they have been living and thriving.

Pore Clarifying in Action

This is comprehensive acne treatment because it addresses all of the causes of acne – the excess sebum, the P. acnes, and the clogged pores.  And the gentle microdermabrasion stimulates healthy cellular turnover and skin function without the irritation and inflammation associated with other treatments.

The results patients are seeing are equally impressive:

This is an actual patient result after 1 week –                                                       Patient was also using a daily at home acne care product. Your results may vary.

Over 50% clearance of acne within the first week has been measured, and in some cases as high as 85% clearance in that first week.   This revolutionary process not only shows the ability to knock acne out, but it works very measurably, very quickly.  Perhaps best of all – the Pore Clarifying Therapy can be used in compliment to your preferred at home products, whether they are Murad, ProActiv, Duac, or whatever your doctor feels is best for you. At a minimum Envy recommends you use a good acne wash every day in-between SilkPeel Pore Clarifying treatments.

This procedure is brand new – so you will need to find a SilkPeel provider near you (there are thousands of doctors doing SilkPeel across the US and Canada) and ask them about the Pore Clarifying System – or contact Envy Medical for more information on how you can take advantage of the best medical solution for acne discovered through the science of SilkPeel, by clicking HERE;

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5 Responses to How To Really Get Rid of Acne – And Get off the Drugs!

  1. HBYS says:

    it works for me!

  2. J. Jarrett says:

    I have been using this product for 5 weeks. When I had started writing this review I literally went back to my records to look up when I had actually gotten the product because based on the results I have experienced, I could have sworn that I had been using it for three months or longer.

    So the basics, I am a 25 year old female who has had severe acne since early childhood. I was on Accutane twice which worked but as you may know, the results only last up to 5 years and my acne has since come back full force. I have tried a variety of topical “programs” including Proactiv, Clinique’s acne line and AcneFree. They didn’t control my acne.

    Within one week I noticed a difference. My face did dry out some (which has since subsided) but the skin began to clear immediately. Within two weeks my husband and coworkers noticed and started complimenting me on my skin. I get a pimple every so often but it clears up within two days or less. This is compared to having three to five large pimples and many other smaller pimples all going at once.

    I have to say that I am a little disappointed with how little my scarring has faded but then I remind myself it has only been five weeks. The scarring has noticeably faded but is still obvious and present. As I plan to use this product indefinitely, I hope to experience even more fading.

    Yes, I was extremely hesitant to try another “miracle cure” especially one that cost this much money – but IT IS WORTH IT! I highly recommend it so someone who is disciplined enough to use it consistently for the time period specified.

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