Lumixyl Reviewed – The future of skincare just got 4 times brighter – San Francisco Skin Care |

This is the latest of many independent reviews of the Lumixyl Topical Brightening system.

The future of skincare just got 4 times brighter – with Lumixyl by EnvyMedical – San Francisco Skin Care |

San Francisco Skin Care Examiner Anita Rivas used the products as part of this review and commented:

“I saw the results within my first application, I could see the improvement in my overall skin tone. My skin was more even, and the stubborn hyperpigmentation spots were less noticable.  I love having clear and healthy skin. ”

This is what we love to hear – and we love providing healthy clear skin with clinical strength products and in coordination with the best skin care physicians in the world.   To find a physician that dispenses The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System, and the Lumixyl SilkPeel near you.  Click HERE


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2 Responses to Lumixyl Reviewed – The future of skincare just got 4 times brighter – San Francisco Skin Care |

  1. O F Lee says:

    Will pigmentation recur once the usage of the product is stopped.

    • Great question! It really depends on what the original cause of the hyper-pigmentation is, and how you care for your skin going forward. For example(s);

      Hyper-pigmentation caused by hormonal changes: Women typically get this type of hyper-pigmentation through hormonal changes of puberty, pregnancy, and/or menopause. Since Lumixyl will not alter your hormonal patterns, the hyper-pigmentation may return if the conditions that contributed to it in the first place still exist. Fortunately, you can reduce the chances of its return by using a physical sunscreen (Lumixyl Moisturelock SPF 30!) daily, and moving to a maintenance regimen using the Lumixyl cleanser daily, while reducing the Lumixyl Topical Skin Brightener (with the peptide technology) and the Lumixyl GLycoPeel 20 to use just a couple of times per week. Then power back up to full daily compliance every few months or whenever you feel your skin needs a brightening boost.

      Hyper-pigmentation caused by environmental conditions: Some skin is prone to hyper-pigmentation from sun/heat exposure, and other environmental pollutants that may irritate the skin. The question of whether this type of hyper-pigmentation will return depends on whether you can keep these environmental factors at bay. Here again – using the Lumixyl ActivePrep Cleanser and MoistureLock SPF 30 sunscreen daily as part of a maintenance regimen can help a great deal.

      Hyper-pigmentation caused by trauma: The final category causing overstimulation of pigmentation is trauma – also known as post-inflammatory-hyperpigmentation (“PIH”). For some skin-types (more than others), any kind of trauma or irritation to the skin can leave a mark. This may be caused by acne lesions, or by laser procedures (which if you think about it, is the act of applying focused light and/or heat to the skin), or by a temporary rash or other skin condition. The good news is, this is the least likely category of hyper-pigmentation to come back after you have successfully eradicated it, because it is generally caused by a one-time event (well, acne is often re-occurring, but even then there is new hope with the SilkPeel Pore Clarifying Therapy). Again – use Lumixyl in maintenance to keep your skin healthy and protected.

      I hope this answers your question – Lumixyl was designed to help you reduce the visible appearance of hyper-pigmentation and then help keep it from re-occurring.

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