SilkPeel & Lumixyl Around the World

The SilkPeel Dermalinfusion System and the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System are two of the most exciting skincare innovations in the market today and they are rapidly becoming a global standard in aesthetic medicine.  Examples include the following;

Japan:  Known in Japan as “Rumikishi” (ルミキシル), the Lumixyl topical brightening creme was launched in July 2010 to rave reviews.  Lumixyl is an excellent fit to a wide range of Japanese patients, due to it mild nature (it never irritates like other skin lighteners or medical bleaching agents do), and its ability to brighten skin and diminish any age spots, freckles or other skin-tone imperfections.  Through Envy’s international partner, Basis Medical Technologies, and in coordination with local distribution partner PRSS International, Envy will introduce the entire Lumixyl Topical  Brightening system throughout Japan in the coming weeks.

Lumixyl In Japan

The Greater China Region: Both Lumixyl and SilkPeel are thriving in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.  Redo Marketing, Inc. has been a successful partner for Malaysia and Singapore for some time and has launched the full Lumixyl line in recent weeks.  These partners are joined by Namfield International, Ltd in Hong Kong as well.  Announcements are forthcoming on exciting new partners for mainland regions, Thailand & Taiwan.

Dr. Phann Presents Lumixyl To Fellow Việt Nam Doctors

In Fact, the combination of Lumixyl SilkPeel and the Lumixyl Topical Brightening System is now featured at the most prestigious medical spas and aesthetic medical practices in these countries, with China poised for launch soon.

Canada: Closer to home, Basis Medical Technologies, while one of our premier international partners, is also driving successful Lumixyl growth throughout Canada with their own direct sales force.   At the same time, Basis has tapped Clarion Medical Technologies, the largest distributor of laser and medical device technologies to establish SilkPeel as a leading brand across Canada.  That is exactly what Clarion has done, since introducing SilkPeel to Canada in mid-2009.  World renown physicians such as Dr. Trevor Born of Toronto (also with office in New York), now incorporate SilkPeel and Lumixyl as anchor technologies for skin care in their medical practice.

The SilkPeel introduced In Hong Kong

The Silk Peel introduced In Hong Kong

A series of  exciting Lumixyl products launches are also taking place now across Europe and the Middle east, including the UK, Germany, Poland (through our SilkPeel Partner, Dermosys), and Jordan.  SilkPeel on the other hand, is already well established under both the SilkPeel and Endouceur™ Dermolissage brands in these regions through the efforts of our EU partner, Medisys, Inc. More news on pending launches of both product lines in Europe and the Middle East will follow.

Lumixyl Video For Greece Launch;

Voted a “Best At-Home Skincare System” by American Health and Beauty, Lumixyl has established itself as the first real alternative to Hydroquinone in the United States.  SilkPeel  remains the only true dermalinfusion device on the market. Using pneumatic pressure to deliver therapeutic serums deep into

Marcin, Joanna Olczak, present Lumixyl & SilkPeel MD to leading Eastern EU physicians

the pores and tissue where they are needed, there is simply no better way to achieve clearance of acne, acne scaring, hyper-pigmentation and fine-line wrinkles, with one series of in-office procedures.  Today at a rapidly growing rate, renowned physicians around the world and their patients are embracing these technologies and their results.

FIND LUMIXYL & SILKPEEL IN YOUR COUNTRY: A more detailed listing of the growing number of countries and distribution partners in which Lumixyl and SilkPeel products are now available can be found by clicking HERE. Or by contacting Envy Medical at

About Envy Medical, Inc.

Envy Medical’s mission is to offer highly effective non-invasive skin rejuvenation therapies for patients suffering from either dermatologic or aesthetic conditions. The company’s lead products include SilkPeel®, a breakthrough system that combines precision non-invasive exfoliation with Dermalinfusion™, deep delivery of a diverse set of skin-specific solutions, all designed to improve and revitalize the skin. In fact Envy Medical is the inventor of Dermalinfusion, and holds a series of interlocking patents covering the technology.

The company also owns exclusive rights to a class of novel peptides that show clinical efficacy in the topical treatment of dermatologic indications. Developed by Dr. Basil Hantash’s team of dermatological researchers out of Stanford University, this ground-breaking technology encompasses the only peptide class clinically shown to significantly brighten skin and address hyperpigmentation. The company has introduced its first product line, under the brand name Lumixyl™. Recent studies show that Lumixyl™, incorporating a peptide chain of ten amino acids, treats hyperpigmentation more efficaciously than hydroquinone – the most commonly prescribed medication for the treatment of Hyperpigmentation.

SilkPeel  Sweden

Lumixyl Azerbaijan

Lumixyl Launch in Azerbajan

Lumixyl Launch in Azerbajan

SilkPeel Poland

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